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Relentless Reckless Forever - Hell Yeah!

A much-anticipated event for Children Of Bodom fans took place in early March this year, when the band's 7th studio album, Relentless Reckless Forever, was released. In Finland the album went straight to the top of the official charts, with first-day sales in excess of 10,000, and its first-week chart positions elsewhere were impressive: US Billboard chart #42, with sales of over 11,000; UK rock albums list #3; Japan #3; Canada #21. Many amongst those who had been invited to the album's private listening party held at London's Metropolis Studios in December of 2010, felt that this album marked a significant return to form for the Finnish 5-piece.

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Metal Hammer
" ... Alexi Laiho has rediscovered his knack for mixing dazzling technicality with incisive tunes ... The hooks are sharp and vicious and the six-string pyrotechnics ... more wild, unhinged and fun ... Laiho and co have their collective foot to the floor once more "

" ... Relentless Reckless Forever ... features some of (COB's) finest material for years, and will do their current status no harm at all"

" ... frantic riffing over powerhouse drumming, topped with Alexi Laiho's vitriolic vocals, hefty melodies and killer solos ... The monstrous riffs that drive opener Not My Funeral, and the thudding Shovel Knockout, certainly hit the mark ... snarling closer Northpole Throwdown is meaner than hell and viciously conveys a sense of a band out for blood"

"The seventh studio album by Children of Bodom surpasses their previous work to reach new heights of metal epicness ... simply put, this album will rock your socks off ... The year has only just begun, but if there is one metal album to purchase in 2011 so far, this is it."

" ... there are enough duelling guitar and keyboard solos alongside the general speed, mayhem and agression to keep their ever-growing legion of fans more than happy ..."
"for pure, unadulterated, kickass, blistering Scandinavian metal, Relentless Reckless Forever is the real freakin deal ... Cry of the Nihilist, Ugly, Roundtrip to Hell and Back are representative of COB firing on all clylinders: furious and intense melodic metal songs ... with their seventh album, Children Of Bodom stays on course: defying category or definition, and delivering blistering and intense metal. Recommended."
"This album shows the band reaching a new level of maturity. It’s certainly different from anything they’ve done before but it stands up very well to repeated listens and is one of their most consistent albums to date."
"In a show of polished talents, re-solidified band image, and the standard nine kick-ass neo-Bodom anthems, Relentless Reckless Forever lets you know Children of Bodom are on the upswing. They’re BAAAA-AAAAACK!"
"Haters be damned, Relentless Reckless Forever once again spits in the face of the band’s detractors by its sheer existence as an honest—and honestly awesome—expression of Children Of Bodom as a worldwide metal entity."

So, the album is out and the band are back where they belong - on the road. And it's likely that Janne's tongue was only half in his cheek when he gave this response in an interview with Metal Shrine, when asked, "You've been doing this for a lot of years, is it still fun and does it still get you excited?" Janne replied: "It's still fun. Our music is such that we think of ourselves as a live band, so that's such an important part of our whole thing. We release an album just to go on tour for a couple of months."

Check here for the latest tour info.

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