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7th album on the way and COB on the road

Ready to rock 'n' roll

This weekend, Children Of Bodom depart for Vancouver, and the start of their two-month tour of Canada and the US on the Black Label Society Berzerkus tour. Their next, 7th studio album, is now eagerly awaited, as are any details about the new recording. Understandably, the band is playing this one very close to its chest, though there have been a few insights.

A press release on COB's website in August, shortly after the band entered the studio to begin work on the album, announced that they were "very excited to let everyone hear what we’re creating with this new record ...Everything you love about Children Of Bodom has been magnified tenfold and we’re pushing ourselves harder than ever before. Expect nothing less than “the perfect storm!” Prior to this, Jaska had said, "Recordings for me went good and I'm super-excited about the new songs. They ARE killer. I'm sure you will love the new material. And yes, there's gonna be nine new tracks on the album."

During August, the band took time out from the studio to play some summer festivals in Europe and, interviewed by Finland's Radio Rock just before their appearance at Ankkarock, Janne was asked about the new songs. He said that all the material had been written (as usual) by Alexi, and that he thought it would be a great record; pressed for more detail (would they play faster? harder?) he replied, "I think we gonna play faster, maybe".

In an interview in last month's Guitar World, in answer to the question, "Where do you see your music going with this next record?", Alexi's reply was giving little away: "All I can say is, this is definitely gonna be heavy ... we're not wimping out."

Recently, K-Man has commented that "Mr Hyde (producer Matt Hyde) is F'n great! What I have heard so far is amazing! And the new songs ... well ... holy mother of Satan, this is going to be great! ... Everything went super good at the studio. So much that they finished with all the tracking they were planning on doing there, 2 days early. As you know we will be leaving for the States in a couple weeks to tour with BLS. The band guys are going a couple days earlier to track the last bits. Then we have a pre-production day and the next day after that we start the tour."

Some tantalising glimpses, then, but so much more still to be revealed: album title; song titles; cover art; which cover songs they've chosen this time around ... Guess we'll just have to be patient a while longer, and in the meantime, there's COBTV#3 to look forward to!

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