perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2009

One for the road?

Janne Warman's other band, Warmen, recently released their fourth studio album, Japanese Hospitality and the album has entered the Finnish charts at No. 36. Replete with songs this time, rather than the more usual keyboard-led instrumentals, this album finally seems to position the band firmly as a band, rather than just the COB-keyboardist's side project. In a recent interview with BW&BK, Janne commented: "Everybody’s been saying that Warmen finally sounds like a band with this one and I agree. Warmen has found it’s path, I guess you could say.” Not only that, but, with Children Of Bodom due to spend a large part of next year working on the follow-up to the hugely successful Blooddrunk album, he also mooted the tantalising prospect of some live Warmen action: "The line-up is constant and some of the singers are open to doing shows. I could see it happening, but the thing is that Warmen isn’t a known band at all so we’d have to do a mini-tour of some kind. I’d love to do it, and now that Bodom is going to have a break to write new material I’m going to see if there’s any possibilities for us to do a short tour.” Bring it, Janne!

Warmen performing at SpineFeast at Sea, 2008

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