perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2009

He just can't get enough ...

Seems like Alexi still has an appetite for life on the road, even after having spent most of the last two years taking the COBHC show to fans around the world. Just a couple of weeks after the final date of touring for Blooddrunk, the COB frontman gets back on the bus again, but this time as guest second guitarist for Swedish death metallers, Hypocrisy on their upcoming North American outing.

Alexi and Hypocrisy-mainman Peter Tägtgren are old friends and collaborators: on their first tour in 1998, at the Nuclear Blast festival, COB played as support for Hypocrisy. Tägtgren helped out with vocals' production and recording on Blooddrunk, while Alexi has contributed a guitar solo on one of Tägtgren's albums with his other band, Pain. And although Alexi will be without his COB bandmates, there's one thing he won't have to miss: "There will be no shortage of alcohol on this tour, that's for sure", commented Tägtgren.

Some Hypocrisy fans are less than thrilled with the announcement, questioning whether Alexi is an appropriate choice, and apparently fearing he will steal the show. Whatever, it sure won't hurt ticket sales.

The tour, which also includes headliners Ensiferum, kicks off on November 6th in Springfield, Virginia.

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