torstai 10. syyskuuta 2009

On the road again ... and COB hit the ground running

In the run-up to the band's departure from Helsinki to Buenos Aires, there had been an exhausting round of preparations that included numerous trips to various embassies to get the necessary visas; innoculations (and their after-effects) to be suffered; shipping documents for the backline to be obtained. It all got done, of course, and on departure day itself, after a very early morning start to the airport to get all their gear checked in, there was just the monotony of a 13-hour flight to be got through. But, as sound tech K-Man describes in his latest blog entry, things livened up maybe just a bit too much towards the end of the journey, with some hardcore tubulence that sent food, drinks and even the stewardess flying.

September 8th, and 7806 Av Rivadavia was the place to be when the final countdown of Children Of Bodom's tour for their best-selling latest album, Blooddrunk, kicked off at Teatro Flores. A rather chilly evening in Buenos Aires but the heat was turned up to eleven inside the venue as the assembled crowd left no-one in any doubt about how much they welcomed the band's return to South America after five long years.

The headlining show included songs from all of the band's six studio albums (see pic of setlist, with thanks to K-Man), with Bed Of Razors and Hate Crew Deathroll enthusiastically-received encores.

This was the first date of the tour that will keep the band on the road until October 24, with shows in South America, North America, the Far East and Russia, and it seems they have set the bar pretty high from the get-go: K-Man: "the crowd in Buenos Aires was off the hook - great fucking show".

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