tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2009


For whatever reason, on August 27th, the Children Of Bodom fan site, Scythes Of Bodom, was taken down.

In the absence of any other explanation, this appears to have been a Random Act of Petulant Extirpation that took COB fans completely by surprise, and even the SOB 'slaves'/volunteers who contributed to the site were totally unaware of its impending demise (although the fact that no news or updates had been added to the site for several months ought to have aroused concerns).

The site, which was originally conceived back in 2002, was held in high esteem, and rightly so, by COB fans, for the veracity, depth and breadth of its content. The various sections of the main site included latest news and news archives, band members' biographies, discography, tour archives, interviews, guitar specifications, photographs, messageboard, and more, while the regularly updated Murder Archives catalogued, in an easily accessible A-Z format, all kinds of essential information for the hardcore COB follower, including a diary-style synopsis of each year's important events.

Quite simply, if it wasn't on SOB, it didn't happen, wasn't true or wasn't worth knowing.

But now, it's gone. We can only hope that all of the effort that went into building, developing and maintaining this much-loved resource and its content over the years has been preserved somewhere, and that maybe one day it will be resurrected, to return as enigmatically as it disappeared.


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  1. And I was wondering why my bookmark link to Scythes of Bodom didn't work... Too bad about this site, it was really cool. Is there any news about the site now?