torstai 24. kesäkuuta 2010

And now decades later ...

" ... the waters of Bodom
turn a blood shade of red
As the Children Of Bodom
take their last breath"

June 5th marked the 50th anniversary of Finland's most notorious, and still unsolved, crime: the murder of three young campers on the shores of Bodom Lake in 1960 - the location of the incident which would lend its name to one of Finland's most successful heavy metal bands.

Despite the grim happening, the area around Bodom Lake is beautiful and remains a popular place to visit for walkers and those who like to fish. Even fifty years after the event, Bodom murder tourists still show up each summer, to take pictures and to search through the muddy lake bottom with metal-detectors for the elusive murder weapon.

The murders have remained unsolved despite the fact that a few years ago the police were nearly positive that Nils Gustafsson, the only survivor of the gruesome attack, had committed the killings of his friends. He was finally brought to trial in 2005, but was found not guilty on all counts ...

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