keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

Hungary for more

Children Of Bodom have been confirmed to appear at one of the largest-scale events in Europe, the Sziget Festival, which takes place between August 11-16 on Budapest, Hungary's Hajógyár Kikötö (Shipyard) on the Danube River's Óbudai Island.

And it seems that Hungary just can't get enough of the band: an exhibition entitled From the Land of Metal Music has just opened at the Budapest Museum of Ethnography, presenting one of Finland's best-known cultural exports - heavy metal. The event focuses primarily on the bands Amorphis, Nightwish and Children Of Bodom, who, as the Museum's curator comments, create new musical styles from their own traditions and adapt international music trends in a Finnish way. The exhibition includes band t-shirts, branded accessories, CD artwork and products related to concert tours. The exhibition is connected to another held last year, entitled "What are Finns like?", and runs until 9 May.

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