tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2009

The devil's in the detail ...

The much anticipated/abhorred (delete as appropriate, depending upon which fan-camp you happen to be in) Hypocrisy/Alexi Laiho collaboration due to roll across North America with Ensiferum from November to early December failed to materialise.

Just days before the tour was due to start, on November 6th, Hypocrisy issued a statement informing fans that their departure for the US was being held up due to problems with the US Immigration Service processing their work visas, but that they hoped to join the tour as soon as possible. As tour dates came and went without Hypocrisy, there were suggestions that two band members, the drummer and bassist, plus Alexi Laiho, were already in the US. Peter Tägtgren, however, remained marooned in Sweden. It seems that a small error in the spelling of his name on the visa application may have been the cause of his problems, and the band was eventually forced to drop off all the remaining dates and officially cancel the tour.

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