sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2009

Promised Land of Heavy Metal

If you call yourself a Children Of Bodom fan then you must also, by default, be a fan of Finnish heavy metal ... In which case, you have to check out the "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" dvd.

A feature-length (90 mins) documentary, created and narrated by Kimmo Kuusniemi, a filmmaker, Sarcofagus guitarist and a forefather of Finnish Metal, "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" charts the history and philosophy behind the staggering rise and rise of heavy metal music in Finland, through interviews with musicians such as Marco Hietala, Ville Valo, Lauri Porra and Mr Lordi, as well as industry experts, journalists and broadcasters, and even the President of Finland! Why is metal a virtual religion for many? What are the links to satanism, and how has metal become mainstream in Finland? Plus, included in the many dvd extras, and of special interest to Children Of Bodom fans, an exclusive interview with Roope Latvala (a hugely important link in Finnish metal history in his own right), filmed just before COB took the stage at London's Kentish Town Forum last February.

An essential insight for all metal fans. Order your copy here:

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